Beware of “Teaser” Bankruptcy Fees and Filing Mills!! How Much Does Chapter 7 Really Cost?

With the tough economy, EVERYONE, especially people facing bankruptcy, is worried about price. “ I need to get immediate protection and eliminate my debts, but how can I ever afford it?!” “How can I find someone I can trust, who will file my case and take care that everything is done right, but who will charge me a fair price and work a payment plan I can actually pay?”

In recent years, scores of lawyers, many with little or no bankruptcy experience, have flooded into the market offerings bankruptcies for $500 or less. BEWARE! Often these firms file large volumes of cases, using primarily paralegals or secretaries to handle all matters, instead of having an actual experienced lawyer review and consider ALL of the client’s needs and legal issues to be sure a complex legal proceeding is handled thoroughly and completely without error. A too cheap price can result in shoddy work that can cause huge problems in obtaining the correct result—namely, elimination of your debts forever!

Another problem with too cheap advertised fees is “bait and switch” where there are many “add on” fees for a joint case, or a case with any tax issues, or a case with a house or car note, or any other factor that appears in most people’s situations but are considered “extras” when a client actually comes in the door. We’ve all experienced “add on “ fees when dealing with cable companies, car dealers, phone companies, and insurance companies. When dealing with something as emotionally scary as bankruptcy, the answer is “ENOUGH” when one is confused by slick promises of a low price!

At Mile High Bankruptcy we have 25 years experience in representing folks from all walks of life process cases and obtain economic freedom from their debts forever. We are careful and caring, doing our best always to be sure clients receive the best result possible in all cases. We charge a fair price for complete representation from start to finish in a case and work out reasonable payment plans for everyone. All fees are quoted straightforward and up front and represent THE RIGHT FEE TO GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT! No teasers, no add ons, just high quality service at a fair, competitive price.

Thank you!

Peter A. Milwid, Esq., Attorney-at-Law