Overview of Bankruptcy Process in Colorado

Overview of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process in Colorado: What Are The Specific Steps Necessary to Actually File Chapter 7 And Get A Discharge of My Debts? Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a straightforward legal process for cancelling debts and getting a fresh financial start. Almost all debts except child support, taxes, and school loans are cancelled […]

Can Bankruptcy Help with Student Loans?

Millions of recent college graduates and current students are facing overwhelming student loan payments at a time when the job market is extremely tight and starting salaries are barely enough to pay rent, food and basic living expenses.  There is often nothing left over to make payments on student loans which generally start six months […]

Facing Your Fears and Defeating Your Debts Through Bankruptcy

During a recession, people from all types of economic backgrounds are forced to consider bankruptcy as a realistic option. The thought of having to file for bankruptcy often invokes feelings such as failure, irresponsibility, guilt and regret. While at first people may focus on the doom and gloom of their financial outlook after a bankruptcy, […]

Many members of Generation Y – people born from the early 1980s up to the millennium – are facing financial challenges as they reach adulthood that their baby boomer parents never imagined. Having come of age at a time when credit was readily available and the economy expanded and diversified all on its own, they […]

Report Offers Denver A Glimmer of Hope, But Economic Struggles Persist

According to the latest Mountain Monitor report from Brookings Mountain West, the Denver area’s gross metropolitan product (meaning the value of all of its produced goods and services) has almost returned to pre-recession levels. In the second quarter of this year, the gross metropolitan product was just .1 percent lower than its highest levels before […]

Why $499 Bankruptcies Are Dangerous and Often A Bad Deal

The crash in the economy has hurt people in many professions, and has hurt the business of many lawyers. Law schools are continuing to graduate new lawyers every year and many are unable to find jobs. Experienced lawyers in areas such as real estate and construction are also struggling. This has caused a new explosion […]

For Those Struggling Financially, Bankruptcy Offers Fresh Start

Though the great recession officially ended more than a year ago, far too many individuals and families continue to experience the long-lasting effects of a difficult economy. National unemployment rates remain near 10 percent, and even those who are able to find jobs are often overqualified and underpaid for their work. According to the Chicago […]