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More Property Protected in Bankruptcy Under New Colorado Exemption Laws

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On April 7, 2022, Governor Polis signed into law Senate Bill 22-086 which greatly increased the property people can protect in bankruptcy. The old exemption amounts were out-of-date to offer fair protection since the pandemic and inflation and other factors increased home and vehicle values beyond the old limits and caused danger for some folks […]

Inflation Will Cause More Bankruptcies

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I have generally stayed away from predictions in this blog, but the current economic situation tells me that many bankruptcies will be filed in the next year to help consumers fight back against skyrocketing prices and skyrocketing consumer debt that people have been forced to take on just to keep up with basic needs. According […]

What Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Really Cost in Denver, Colorado?

The issue of attorney’s fees is an important and confusing issue for folks facing bankruptcy.  Obviously a person is looking for the cheapest price, especially when hurting for money, but bankruptcy is a complex and technical process and cannot be done without careful time-consuming analysis. This makes “cheap” bankruptcies dangerous.  The old adages “You don’t […]

The Effect of Omicron Variant on Bankruptcy Clients

The recent surge in Covid spurred by the Omicron Variant has hit bankruptcy clients particularly hard.  I have seen over the last few weeks many people postpone meetings and filings because they or a loved one has been hit with this horrible disease. This has meant lost work and income for folks already struggling with […]

How Long Does A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Take to Complete? 

There are two parts to answering this question: the time necessary to prepare and file the paperwork for the case; and the actual processing time by the Court. Before Filing A bankruptcy case involves a lot of paperwork that must be carefully prepared so the case proceeds smoothly through the courts.  At Mile High Bankruptcy, […]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Is about Hope, Not Despair

People who come to see me are often scared and depressed.  Not necessarily clinically depressed requiring therapy or medication, but just plain bummed out that they are in such a mess financially, and very, very worried about the future, as we all are during this pandemic. They are also scared and confused and overwhelmed about […]

The 341 Meeting of Creditors

When you file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you must attend a “meeting of creditors” approximately 30 days after filing. This used to be conducted in person at the trustee’s office, but because of COVID, these meeting are conducted for the time being by phone from the attorney’s office. People are often scared when they hear about […]

Teach Your Kids about Life And Money

Many clients come to me in their twenties and thirties who have debt problems that stretch back to when they were 18 or younger. They have felt frightened and embarrassed for years carrying this debt and, finally, the debt collectors have come and are suing them, and it is time to do a Chapter 7 […]

Can I Keep My Car in A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Update

If you want to, in general, yes. If you own a car-free and clear, the exemption laws (the laws that protect people’s basic property) allow you to keep up to two cars with a value of $7,500, or $10,500 if you are over 60 or disabled. If it is a joint case, you can double […]

When Can I Borrow Money Again after Bankruptcy?

The short answer is “right away”. The first physical manifestation of filing bankruptcy is that you will be inundated with junk mail from car dealers all over the state, and credit cards all over the country offering you new credit. To most clients, this makes no sense. “I just filed bankruptcy! How can they offer […]

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