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Life After Bankruptcy in Colorado

Colorado Springs Credit Score Attorney Re-establishing Credit after Bankruptcy After your bankruptcy is finalized, it’s important to begin re-establishing your credit. There are a number of simple steps you can take to begin this process. In the past, banks used to send out credit card applications to people a few months after they filed for […]

Colorado Chapter 7 Lawyer

Your Right to a Discharge of Debts Under Chapter 7 The most complete relief from debts available under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code is the Chapter 7 discharge. When you discharge a debt, it can no longer be collected. In a Chapter 13 case, you also get a discharge of indebtedness, but the process takes three […]

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Denver

Denver Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers Colorado Wage Earners Attorneys At Mile High Bankruptcy, many of our clients first contact us with the assumption that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not available for them, and that they’ll have to file for Chapter 13 relief instead. Our lawyers can show clients how they can qualify for Chapter 7 […]

Filing for Chapter 7 in Colorado

Colorado Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process Attorney Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a fairly straightforward process. However, in order to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your household income cannot exceed Colorado’s median income for households of a similar size. Even if initially your income appears to  disqualify you for filing under Chapter 7, there are […]

Denver Asset Protection Attorneys

Denver Asset Protection Attorneys Colorado Bankruptcy Exemptions Lawyers The U.S. Bankruptcy Code applies in pretty much the same way across the country, with one important exception — the ability to protect assets through property exemptions. Each state has the choice of applying the federal exemptions schedule or using its own list of property values that […]

Denver Debt Elimination Lawyers

Denver Debt Consolidation Scam Attorneys Colorado Debt Elimination Lawyer If you’ve ever heard an ad on television or radio for a debt consolidation company you might think your financial worries over: all you have to do is use a debt consolidation company to negotiate a lower interest rate and monthly payment for you on your […]

Denver Bankruptcy Questions

Denver Bankruptcy Attorneys Myth 1: I must be completely broke to file for bankruptcy – Not true. If you are unable to pay your mortgage and your credit card bills or are having trouble paying the minimum monthly balance on car loans, medical bills, or credit cards, it may be time to consider Chapter 7 […]

Bankruptcy Protection in Denver

Denver Bankruptcy Law Attorneys Avoid Home Foreclosure and the Loss of Your Car If you’re struggling with mortgage payments, unpaid balances on credit cards, car loans, or medical bills, declaring bankruptcy may be the most affordable and legally sound means for getting back on your financial feet. First, bankruptcy should put an end to calls […]

Colorado Bankruptcy Benefits

Denver Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Attorneys Are there any Immediate Advantages to Filing for Bankruptcy? Simply put, bankruptcy allows people to recover their financial footing when they are no longer able to pay their mortgage, pay off credit cards, or pay down medical bills. Once debts begin to mount and bills go past due, […]

Repair Credit After Bankruptcy in Denver

Denver Credit Repair Attorney Rebuilding Your Credit after Bankruptcy Your credit score is calculated according to several different factors like your debt-to-credit ratio, the age of your credit cards, your payment history, whether you’ve ever defaulted on any loans, and how often retailers or banks have requested a check on your credit. While declaring bankruptcy […]