2019 Tax Season and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Road to Recovery Bankruptcy And Tax Refund In Colorado. Denver Bankruptcy Law Firm Mile High Bankruptcy is ready for the busiest time of the year for bankruptcy attorneys, the tax season and the beginning of the New Year.

Many people are able to use their tax refund to pay for their bankruptcies. It is the one time of the year they have a bit of extra money and wish to use their refunds to receive a fresh financial start and be rid of unwanted debts and the pressure these debts cause for them and their families.

It is also wise to plan their Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for filing after they have received their refund and spent it on ordinary expenses for themselves and their families.

This must be done correctly as there are certain things, like paying debts to family members, which are forbidden and can cause problems in the case. ALWAYS consult a competent and experienced bankruptcy lawyer to review these rules so that things can be processed correctly.

If you have questions about filing chapter 7 Bankruptcy, call me, Peter Milwid (303-831-0733), President of Mile High Bankruptcy, ANYTIME, and I would be happy to discuss your financial situation and explain how you can get a fresh financial start for 2019!

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