Filing Bankruptcy In Colorado If You Don’t Live Near Denver

As a follow up to my prior blog, I wanted to share my experience as a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer over the years as to coming to Denver from other areas of the state. We have processed cases here in Denver for clients in almost every county in Colorado, and many people prefer coming to Denver, even though it may, in some ways be less convenient.

First, while there are excellent bankruptcy lawyers throughout Colorado, the highest concentration, and thus the best selection, of experienced bankruptcy lawyers are in Denver.

Sometimes people from a smaller town are embarrassed by their need for bankruptcy and would rather have things handled in the big city.

The Bankruptcy Court and the United States Trustee’s Office are located in Denver. Your meeting with the Trustee—generally your only official meeting in the case—will be scheduled near your home depending on what county you are in.

We at Mile High Bankruptcy file cases for folks throughout Colorado, and to keep costs down, we use local counsel for the meeting with the Trustee, but process the rest of the case at our bankruptcy offices here in Denver.

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