Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Fees and Payment Plans

Almost all Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers offer payment plans for their fees. This is because it is often difficult for people to come up with the entire fee up front.

While most of the fees are paid before the case is actually filed with the bankruptcy court, the work begins by payment of a retainer of as little as $100.

Once a client has paid Mile High Bankruptcy the retainer, they can refer ALL PHONE CALLS TO US IMMEDIATELY AND STOP THE MAJORITY OF CREDITOR HARASSMENT RIGHT AWAY. A payment plan is then worked out where the client essentially pays the fees as each step of the case is prepared.

The structure of these payments is COMPLETELY FLEXIBLE and is designed in each case to meet the client’s needs.

Call me, Peter Milwid, today, to schedule a consultation to find out about our Chapter 7 bankruptcy legal fees payment plans. In a few short minutes on the phone, we can almost always work out something that works for you.

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