Denver Bankruptcy Attorney, Peter A. Milwid, Again Receives Award for Legal Excellence And The Highest Legal Ethics

At Mile High Bankruptcy, we have always prided ourselves with providing the best work we are able to do for our clients. Fairness, excellence, compassion, and strength are not just words to us, but commitments to excellence that we live by every day.

In 2014, the Martindale-Hubbell organization—a powerful legal group serving lawyers and clients since the 1800s—again awarded Peter A. Milwid its highest AV rating for the best in legal abilities and legal ethics. This award is determined by surveys of judges and other bankruptcy lawyers—professionals who know our work and respect it greatly.

Mr. Milwid was also recognized by a separate award for maintaining this AV rating for over fifteen years.

We are proud of this award not for ego purposes, but because it demonstrates an independent evaluation from those who know us in the field that day in and day out we do our very best to serve our clients and help them complete their cases and get rid of their debt forever.

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