How do I Find a Lawyer to Help Me File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Denver?

Most people these days go looking for a denver bankruptcy lawyer on the internet, or get a referral from a friend. At Mile High Bankruptcy we estimate that well over half our clients come from referrals from people we have helped in the past.

But a lot of folks don’t have someone to ask so they look on line where there is a confusing soup of ads and prices that make the decision process just as confusing and overwhelming as the debts themselves!

For them, a couple of tips:

1. Call someone experienced. There are many people holding themselves out as experts who do not understand the rather complicated procedures of processing a case smoothly and efficiently for a client. The principles of bankruptcy are straightforward. The technical aspects are not and can only be done well by someone with years of practice under their belt.

2. Go in for a free consultation. Every case is different and only an analysis of your situation by a bankruptcy expert will provide you with the information you need to make the right decision.

At Mile High Bankruptcy, we offer a free consultation with me, Peter Milwid, both on the phone and in the office. You pay no money until you are satisfied that you want me as your lawyer and everything has been explained clearly. We have been helping people file successful bankruptcies since 1987, and can cut right to the heart of the matter in a short but productive phone call. Our fees can always be paid in payments to make things possible with $100 down as a retainer to get us on board and to stop phone calls right away.

So if you need help, give me a call today at 303-831-0733 to find out how to get control of your finances and a relief from your debts. AS one client put it recently, “It’s nice to be able to breathe again!”

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