Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Is A Tool for Protecting Your Family

To most people, the word “Bankruptcy” is scary. No one ever expects to file bankruptcy, and facing up to your problems and filing Chapter 7 is filled with complicated emotions and much anxiety. I have seen this in the faces and questions from clients since Mile High Bankruptcy began in 1987.

But, Bankruptcy is also a tremendous relief. People have troubles in their lives from mistakes they have made, or, more often, from events that have occurred in their lives over which they have no control. Problems with unemployment, kids, parents, health and doctors, or personal problems such as a criminal mistake as a kid, or alcohol addiction, leave people with overwhelming financial and depression problems that threaten to destroy their lives.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a tool for eradicating debt and giving people a clean financial slate. That’s all it is. A legal tool for fixing a devastating problem.

Over the years I have observed that the fear leading up to filing bankruptcy is much, much worse than the process itself. People often leave the bankruptcy process with a genuine sense of freedom and peace that they haven’t felt in years—not proud or happy that they had to file, but proud and happy that they had the strength to face their problems and fix them, for themselves, or more important, for the families that depend on them.

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