No Safety Net for Those Struggling with Their Bills – Chapter 7 Can Help

According to The Denver Post, four in ten families in Colorado lack sufficient reserves to survive three months in a financial emergency. People are living so close to the edge that they are unable to meet basic expenses when hit with a job loss or medical problem that interrupts their income in any way.

One of the biggest problems when facing income troubles is debt. Trying to keep up with medical bills, payday loans, car and house payments, credit cards and other debts can make the problem worse if a family needs their income for the basics of food and housing.

I believe that there is great benefit for people to stay ahead of the curve, and if they are struggling, look into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to clear out old and unnecessary debt to try to begin saving so they can better weather an income set back, rather than waiting until something bad happens and stress is just made worse by lingering debt problems that should be taken right away.

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