Denver Bankruptcy Lawyer Fees – How Do I Pay for a Good Lawyer if I Don’t Have Any Money? Income Tax Refund Season Provides An Excellent Way to Get Out of Debt!

One of the biggest problems people have who need a good bankruptcy lawyer is paying the fees. How can I afford a good lawyer if I don’t have any money?

This is a problem most clients face, especially if they are being garnished or are facing a court deadline that requires immediate attention. In providing over 25 years of service, Mile High Bankruptcy in Denver Colorado has developed many creative ideas to help clients get help immediately and pay the firm over time for first rate legal service and focused personal attention.

All cases may be paid in payments based on the client’s particular situation. Initial retainers can be as low as $100, which allows clients to stop harassing phone calls and calm the creditors down, giving people breathing room to process and pay for their case over time at a rate they can afford as the work is performed.

Tax time is especially busy for all bankruptcy lawyers as this is one time of the year many families who are struggling to make ends meet and living paycheck to paycheck, have an influx of cash to take care of more expensive problems.

What greater benefit can a person gain than to use a portion or all of their tax refund to cancel their debts forever and gain a fresh start for themselves and their families?! Mile High Bankruptcy works with many clients during tax season to coordinate getting their taxes done and their refunds received, and paying for and filing their bankruptcies, all in a swift and efficient way.

Call me, Denver Bankruptcy Lawyer Peter Milwid, any time, to discuss payment arrangements and create a plan that works for you!

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