Mile High Bankruptcy Congratulates New Bankruptcy Judges

Mile High Bankruptcy, Denver, Colorado congratulates new bankruptcy judge, Joseph G. Rosania, who was recently appointed by the Tenth Circuit to replace retiring Judge Sidney Brooks. The firm also congratulates recent appointees, Judges Thomas. B. McNamara and Cathleen D. Parker. I have not met Judges McNamara and Parker yet, but am sure they are fine choices as the rigorous selection process has produced in the recent past a fine slate of judges who serve here in Colorado.

I have known Judge Rosania professionally, however, since 1987 in his capacity as a panel United States Bankruptcy Trustee, and have appeared before him and processed literally hundreds of cases with him over the years.

When I heard of his appointment, it was no surprise as to the quality of this choice. Judge Rosania is diligent, judicious, and incredibly smart. Whether it was a complex case or a simple matter, Judge Rosania always saw the real issues in a case, if any, immediately, and would respond with solutions to problems executed in a fast and efficient way.

In some ways, most important to me in a judge, is the way Judge Rosania treated debtors in his capacity as Trustee. Clients are often scared to death at 341 hearings, and Judge Rosania’s demeanor has always been polite and professional. He sticks to the law and proceeded vigorously if assets needed to be administered. But in all cases, big or small, he treated the clients with dignity and respect.

Congratulations again to all three new appointees, and best of luck for many years to come!

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