Should I File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Before I Get Married? Will My Spouse Be Responsible For My Debts?

Many single people who want to get married and have substantial debt are worried that their future spouse may be responsible for their debts. Also, people are nervous about getting married to someone with substantial debt for fear they may become liable for simply getting married.

At Mile High Bankruptcy we get these questions all the time, and our advice is almost always to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy before getting married.

While a person is not generally liable for debts incurred before marriage by their spouse, bringing the stress and hassle of bill collectors and the fear of collections into the a marriage gets the marriage off to a bad start. Since marriage can be a beautiful new beginning, why cloud the hope and joy with fear and resentment debt problems create?

Also, during a marriage couples want to often have joint property like a home or bank account, and if one party has debts, these assets may be attacked. If taxes are owed by one party, a joint refund may be seized by the IRS and it is a hassle for the injured spouse to get their money back.

In conclusion, if you are thinking about getting married and have debt problems, contact Mile High Bankruptcy to discuss if Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the thing to do first.

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