Independence Day and Bankruptcy

I am writing this on the Fourth of July, a great holiday celebrating our country’s independence, and see the language of independence and freedom as words we use every day in our law practice—bankruptcy results in freedom from debt and a new life of independence from the pain and burden of financial troubles.

So, just as our forefathers sought to rid themselves of the political and tax burdens of being dominated by England, the modern debt world has created an impossible burden many Americans suffer under that can be overthrown by the filing of a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

So, to all who read this blog, I hope you had a safe and relaxing Fourth of July, and if you are now feeling overwhelmed and depressed by debt problems, remember, this can be fixed, and you can be liberated to move forward in life with a fresh start independent of banks and debt collectors and free to build a future with less pressure and fear.

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