Questions to Ask Your Bankruptcy Lawyer at the Initial Consultation

The two most important qualities that must be established between a client and their bankruptcy lawyer are trust and communication. You need to understand Chapter 7, and feel comfortable with your lawyer, for the case to be a success.

To assure these qualities, there must always be open communication between the lawyer and the client, and the attorney MUST be accessible to the client for important question-and-answer conversations.

At Mile High Bankruptcy, Mr. Milwid asks a series of questions about your income, assets, and debts, both on the phone and during your free office consultation to: (1) be sure your problems are something we can help with; and (2) be sure you understand the process and the outcome, including all the things Chapter 7 bankruptcy can and cannot do, before even beginning a case.

He then provides an analysis of your situation and gives you a recommendation. In most cases, these conversations answer most clients’ questions about bankruptcy before they have to ask.

However, certain questions should be asked by a client if there is anything they don’t understand. We have found the most important are:

1. What exactly can a Chapter 7 do for me? Will it cancel all my debts, or are them some that I will still be required to pay?

2. Does the lawyer practice bankruptcy exclusively and how long has the firm been in business? Will my case be handled by the lawyer himself, or in combination with trained paralegals? It is important here to always pick a lawyer who is “hands-on” in working on the cases him or her self, and is always available to answer your questions directly.

3. Do I need a bankruptcy at all, or are there other options such as credit counseling or debt repayment that could work in my situation?

4. Exactly how much will the bankruptcy cost? Most chapter 7 lawyers charge a flat fee, but are there other services I may have to pay for and what will they cost?

5. How long does the bankruptcy take from start to finish? This can be divided into two questions: (1) How long will it be before the case is filed; and (2) once it is filed, how long will it be until it is completed?

6. What is the effect of filing on other pending legal proceedings such as lawsuits, garnishments, and foreclosures?

The answers to these questions can really only be answered in a direct conversation with your bankruptcy lawyer because the answers to the legal questions are often different based on the facts of an individual case. For example, how long a case takes can vary from a few months to a few years based on complexity. When to file can depend on income and the degree of creditor activity when the client first contacts the firm.

In order to have these questions answered for you, just contact Mile High Bankruptcy anytime at at 303-831-0733.

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