How Fast Can I Stop A Wage Garnishment?

The simple answer is that a garnishment stops when a bankruptcy is filed.

But there are many considerations that go into selecting when is the best time to file, and preparing and filing a bankruptcy, IN ORDER TO DO IT RIGHT, can sometimes take several weeks, depending on the situation.

At Mile High Bankruptcy, we balance the need to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy quickly with the needs of preparing the case correctly so as to avoid having problems with the bankruptcy itself by not taking the time necessary to DO IT RIGHT.

You would never “rush” in rebuilding an engine, or it won’t work. The same is true of a bankruptcy, despite what is promised by other lawyers who rush and hurry clients into filing quickly without considering other issues that may hurt the client, and hastily preparing the materials which inevitably results in unnecessary mistakes.

I always counsel clients who wait to contact a bankruptcy lawyer until after they are being garnished (a very common wake up call), that they must take the long view and realize that while they do have a severe crisis to deal with (25% taken from net pay as long as the garnishment is in place), they are probably dealing with a debt problem that has built up over many, many years, and taking the time and care to do it right the first time will give them a result that will ultimately stop the garnishment, and free them from their debts forever.

If clients are organized (or need help getting organized), and can work quickly themselves, we can often balance these two needs (speed and quality) to stop the garnishment and process a successful case.

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