If I Move to Colorado From Another State Where Do I File Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a Federal or national law that is available in all fifty states. If you move states, you must wait 90 days to file in the new location. You can therefore file bankruptcy in Colorado even if your debts are from another location.

At  Mile High Bankruptcy, we have many clients new to Colorado who hire us immediately upon arriving. They can then refer creditors to us without delay, and process the case so we can file it after they have been here 90 days. They can enjoy their new state without creditor harassment immediately even if they have to wait a bit to file.

The only difference between states in bankruptcy are the exemption laws, or the laws that protect your personal property through bankruptcy. Congress left that one piece up to the states and it differs depending where you live. If you have not lived in Colorado for two years before filing, we must claim the exemptions from the state where you previously live. While there can be a difference, most state exemptions are basically similar and all your property is protected.

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