Mile High Bankruptcy Announces Relaunch of Helpful Denver Bankruptcy Website Content

Last month, Mile High Bankruptcy in Denver, Colorado, together with the brilliant team at Legal Web Design, completely revamped and relaunched our website to make it a content and information based site to help people with bankruptcy questions find easy answers on the web.

Most lawyer websites provide some limited information about chapter 7 bankruptcy, and some information about the firm, but we wanted our site to be a resource center with the collective wisdom of over 25 years of practice available to anyone needing this information. Of course, we hope that potential new clients use the site and contact us for a consultation (303-831-0733), but we also hope people who have already hired us or even have already completed a bankruptcy, bookmark the site and use it as a reference if questions arise in the future.

We have also noticed that the site is very helpful in explaining bankruptcy to friends or family when you are not familiar with some of the terminology and are having a conversation and find things difficult to explain. One client told me she was having the hardest time explaining things to her grandfather, but they sat down together at the website, and he began to understand her and feel more comfortable with the process.

If you are reading this, you have already found the new website, but I encourage you to look around at the many pages of information Colorado bankruptcy blogs and videos to help you understand a sometimes complex subject.

If you have questions, call me, Peter Milwid, at 303-831-0733, anytime. I’d be happy to speak with you about your options.

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