Year-End Bankruptcy Planning

Collection agencies and collection lawyers often increase their efforts to collect debts at year end. The pressure to deal with increased calls and threats AND the pressure to deal with the holidays can be very overwhelming and depressing.

Why not give yourself a break if this is happening to you and contact Mile High Bankruptcy (303-831-0733) for a free consultation now, instead of waiting until after January 1st as most people do?

Begin your fresh start immediately. For as little as a $100 retainer you can refer all collection calls to us and process the case over time at a schedule that works for you, without the incessant creditor calls during the holidays.

Another important year end factor is tax refunds. If you are going to receive a large refund, the best way to protect it is to hire your bankruptcy lawyer NOW, prepare the case with him over the next few months, and have your case actually filed after the refund has been received and spent on ordinary expenses for you and your family.

WARNING: There are things you can and cannot due with a tax refund, so be sure you consult with your attorney before the refund is received so you don’t make a mistake and cause problems in your bankruptcy after the case is filed.

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