Parking for Downtown Denver Bankruptcy Lawyers, Mile High Bankruptcy

Many people looking for a Denver Bankruptcy attorney are afraid to come downtown. They fear the one-way streets, the highways, AND the parking headaches.

But people know that sometimes the best attorneys can be found downtown because of the close proximity to the bankruptcy Court.

Over the years practicing bankruptcy law in Denver, we have helped thousands of clients obtain a fresh start, and these clients come from throughout the state.

As far as parking is concerned, Mile High Bankruptcy’s location is among the easiest to find, and the parking, while sometimes tight, is usually plentiful on the street or in two large lots next door.

As far as finding the office, I always give clients detailed directions, or they have GPS, or they simple know the location—four blocks north of the State Capitol on the corner of 19th and Sherman.  Directions to our office can also be found on our Google+ page.

Selecting a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer is a very important decision. Call around, talk to a few bankruptcy attorneys, and select the one that best understands your problems, and clearly explains how to fix them. There are sometimes great efficiencies in using a downtown Denver bankruptcy lawyer because of the location of the Court and the U.S. Trustee meetings.

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