Mile High Bankruptcy Congratulates Retired Judge Sidney Brooks

Judge Sidney Brooks retired this year after 28 years of distinguished service as Judge and Chief Judge of the United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Colorado.

In addition to being a fine judge, Judge Brooks is also a scholar on international law and has travelled throughout the world, especially to Russia and China, to help other countries develop their legal systems and learn about American bankruptcy law.

I first met Judge Brooks on a legal study tour to China which he led before he was a judge. In fact, it was that trip that in many ways led to my career in bankruptcy as there were three bankruptcy lawyers on the trip who I met from Denver who inspired me to migrate with my family from Glenwood Springs where I was practicing water law to a whole new career shift to bankruptcy here in Denver, Colorado.

Congratulations, Judge Brooks, on a fine and illustrious career, and I hope you enjoy your retirement, although I know you will keep very busy!

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