What Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Really Cost in Denver, Colorado?

The issue of attorney’s fees is an important and confusing issue for folks facing bankruptcy.  Obviously a person is looking for the cheapest price, especially when hurting for money, but bankruptcy is a complex and technical process and cannot be done without careful time-consuming analysis. This makes “cheap” bankruptcies dangerous.  The old adages “You don’t get something for nothing,” or “You get what you pay for,” are particularly applicable to choosing a qualified bankruptcy lawyer to handle your case. So, that begs the question: “What Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Really Cost?”.

One look at Google and you’ll find lawyers who do Chapter 7 cases from approximately $500 to well over $2000.  At Mile High Bankruptcy we charge between $1350 and $1850 for a complete bankruptcy with $100 down to start representation and the balance paid in payments as the case progresses and the work is done. This INCLUDES the $338 filing fee which is paid by the firm to the Court from the total money received.

After the initial payment clients can immediately refer creditor phone calls to us so generally things calm down right away as the case is being prepared and filed.

This fee has changed very little in the 30+ years we have helped over 5000 people get out of debt.  The reason the fee varies is because some cases are more complex than others and require more work.  The issues that make fees higher are lawsuits and garnishments, real estate, business and timing issues.  We work on a flat fee basis so you know upfront the costs without any hidden add on expenses later.

I know from many years experience that good, qualified, committed, and honest attorneys charge around the same fees we do, some even more.  The problem with the cheaper fee lawyers is that they do not put in the time necessary to properly process the cases and communicate well with clients, the Court or the Bankruptcy Trustees.

It’s kind of like the difference between an automatic car wash and a hand wash, or fast food and a home cooked meal, except in the case of a bankruptcy, the stakes are much higher and any mistakes much more costly when caused by a faster, less focused approach to the case.

We at Mile High Bankruptcy have been providing client with a fresh financial start for over 30 years.  We know how to get the job done right and complete.  Our motto is “Loyalty, Compassion, and Service” which principles we take very seriously.  This commitment is evidenced with the many on-line positive reviews we receive from our clients over the years.

My advice in selecting an attorney is to call around and speak with the actual attorney who will be handling the case to see how you feel about his or her expertise and whether you are comfortable about putting your future in his or her hands.  Then select the attorney you feel is right for you.

If you would like to speak with me, Peter Milwid, about your situation or ask questions about bankruptcy, call me at 303-831-0733 or fill out my form.

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