Unemployment Benefit Cut, Food Stamp Cut, Tax Refund Delay: More Reasons to File Denver Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case Now

Three things have happened recently that are putting greater stress on Denver’s hardest struggling families. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is even more important now to help these families eliminate debt and relieve some economic pressure.

First, the IRS has delayed filing taxes to January 31—about two weeks later than in the past. The folks usually filing the earliest are receiving earned income credits and additional child tax credits—important cash sources for people with kids with very low incomes. The reason given for the delay is the temporary government shutdown last October which put things behind.

The second factor is the severe reduction of Food Stamp benefits last November. Students at Metro are showing up hungry sometimes, and school and other food banks are running out of food quickly.

Finally, Congress failed to renew extended Federal Unemployment Benefits for those folks whose state benefits had run out. This is effecting many folks, not the least of which are students attempting to learn new trades to get employed, but who need benefits to get them through.

No one knows what Congress may or may not do to fix these things, but the truth is they are hurting a lot of people who really need help.

The one thing Mile High Bankruptcy in Denver can do is to process Chapter 7 Bankruptcies for these folks to get out of debt while people strive hard to figure out ways to make more income debt free.

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