Back to School Bankruptcy

For many families, this is the most hectic AND EXPENSIVE time of the year—back to school. Changing schedules, books, supplies and clothes, all produce both excitement AND incredible STRESS!

The money part of this stress is HUGE. When people are struggling to make ends meet, the extra expenses associated with the start of school can make things impossible.

We have found that Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a very helpful tool in dealing with the economic demands of the back to school season.

It’s simple. If you are overwhelmed with debt, elimination of this debt results in more disposable income from work to pay monthly expenses AND handle the increased expenses of school.

It is like going on a diet. Less calories means weight loss. Elimination of monthly debt payments means more money in your pocket to pay your bills.

If you would like to discuss how bankruptcy may help you now, call me, Peter Milwid, at 303-831-0733.

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