Effects of Bankruptcy for People Under 60

The years thirty to sixty is the middle period of life where jobs hopefully progress and families are raised. But during this period expenses also tend to grow with the costs of kids and houses and cars and unforeseen expenses and problems such as job loss or divorce.

While there are many things to be joyful about during this time, money problems can destroy careers and families, but these pressures can often be greatly reduced and life can be re-centered by the filing of a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Time and time again I have witnessed struggling couples and individuals during this time of life file a bankruptcy and shed overwhelming debt, and “reboot” their situation and move forward in a healthier and wiser way.

The problem is that if you cannot afford to juggle and pay all of your debts as they become due, and raise your kids and manage a job, the pressure and guilt can ruin your peace of mind and make moving forward psychologically difficult.

There is an old saying that “interest never sleeps”, so as time passes, the problem gets worse until phone calls and defaults make what should be a productive time miserable and full of fear.

Again, I have witnessed tremendous relief for people in this period of life when their debt problems are solved by the filing of a bankruptcy, and they move forward debt free. For more information: Denver Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Overview.

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