Collection Agencies and Collection Lawyers in Denver Garnish Bank Accounts

One terrible surprise for clients is when they wake up and find all their money in the bank has been garnished by a Denver or Colorado collection lawyer or collection agency. People are also scared that this will happen because of threats by these parties.

Sometimes these threats are real, and sometimes they are exaggerated by the collector, but no matter what, they must be taken seriously to prevent a disastrous surprise.

First, your bank account cannot be taken by a collection lawyer or collection agency unless they have first sued you and obtained a judgment. This requires that you are first served with Court papers. The IRS and certain government agencies can garnish without a court order, but we are talking here about collectors for generally commercial accounts.

However, BE WARNED, that sometimes in the confusion of life, people have been served or improper service at an old address has occurred and, unbeknownst to you, a judgment entered in the past and a creditor has the immediate power to take money from the bank or garnish your wages.

Once the money has been seized, it is usually impossible to get it back.

Being garnished by a collection lawyer or agency in Denver is often a wake up call that it is time to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

If you are worried about this possibility, call me immediately and I can explain how to best protect you from future bank or wage garnishments from collection agents or collection law firms in Denver and throughout Colorado.

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