Why is Summer a Good Time to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Denver Colorado

The busiest season for filing bankruptcy is spring and fall. Tax season and bankruptcy go hand-in-hand because many people use tax refunds to pay their attorney fees. Fall is busy because people want to take care of things before the holidays.

But summer is actually an excellent time to file chapter 7 bankruptcy and get rid of crushing and out of control debt. I have learned this after many years of feedback from clients.

There is a tendency in summer to let things slide. Kids are out of school, fishing and bar-b-ques beckon, and the heat makes people want to kick back and enjoy some of our beautiful Colorado weather.

But, in fact, it is hard to relax with serious money problems hanging over your head. Clients have expressed to me that they are off with family or planning a vacation, and are overwhelmed by anxiety because they are afraid of what awaits them from creditors when they return.

For this reason, many people want to begin their summer with a fresh start and start the bankruptcy process right away. A clear mind is a relaxed mind and taking a proactive step to solve your financial problems allows real relaxation to occur.

Also, summer goes by quickly and many clients want to take care of things before school starts again when time is short and money is shorter with the expenses that arise when the kids go back to school.

So, if you may need a chapter 7 bankruptcy to clear yourself of overwhelming debt, give me, Peter Milwid, a call at Mile High Bankruptcy (303-831-0733) so I can explain how to solve your problems and achieve some real peace of mind before the Fourth of July.

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