Bankruptcy Lawyer Testimonial in Denver | Bankruptcy Attorney Review

 I had serious doubts about finding an attorney that I liked and could trust. The recommendation I got to contact (the Firm) proved to be great advice. Peter Milwid knows Colorado bankruptcy law better than probably 99% of those in the field. Maybe one of the top 10 ….(I researched and checked around). Another big plus: he doesn’t dwell on mistakes of the past, but efficiently moves forward to options and a legal resolution. When you’re already in a huge amount of despair and want ONLY to be an ostrich with your head buried in a very very deep hole, it’s SO nice to talk to an attorney WITHOUT a superiority complex and gigantic ego. Wow. I didn’t know they existed.

Also, I live out of town and dreaded the hour drive to downtown Denver, and a probable parking hassle. But I was so glad I made the trip to get competent help, and the parking couldn’t have been easier. My faith in dealing with attorneys has been renewed. The research I did and questions I asked paid off in finding an attorney with a good reputation and respected by his peers. HIGHLY recommended.

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