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In general, chapter 7 bankruptcy cancels all personal and business debts owed by an individual including without limitation credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, repossessions, landlords, lawsuits, mortgages and car loans. However, if a person wants to keep their house or car, they must pay on the lien to keep the property even though the […]

One of the biggest problems people have who need a good bankruptcy lawyer is paying the fees. How can I afford a good lawyer if I don’t have any money? This is a problem most clients face, especially if they are being garnished or are facing a court deadline that requires immediate attention. In providing […]

Mile High Bankruptcy Is Pleased to Announce Award of Prestigious AV Rating

Mile High Bankruptcy is pleased to announce that attorney and founder, Peter A Milwid, has once again been awarded the prestigious Martindale-Hubbell Preeminent AV rating for 2013 for superior legal ability and highest ethical standards. Martindale-Hubbell was founded in 1868 and has for almost 150 years served as the blue chip guide for reviewing lawyers […]

How Taxes Can Be Paid In A Colorado Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In general, taxes cannot be cancelled in Chapter 7. There are exceptions to this if the taxes are more than three years old and meet other tests. This blog post does not address this question, but is simply an explanation of how non-dischargeable taxes may end up being paid in a chapter 7. There are […]

Colorado Bankruptcy Reaffirmation Agreements are NOT in Your Best Interests

The concept of reaffirmation agreements (hereafter “reaffs(s)” is confusing for many clients. Basically, a reaffirmation agreement is a contract entered into during a bankruptcy that makes a person responsible, no matter what happens, for a debt they would otherwise discharge in the bankruptcy. They apply to secured debts like mortgages and car loans. Many people […]

Mile High Bankruptcy Staffing Update

Mile High Bankruptcy is pleased to announce the addition of Leah Martinez as our new paralegal on the Denver Bankruptcy team.  Leah brings to the team a solid background in tax and mortgage processing, and, most importantly, is a wonderful, conscientious person available to assist clients with any of their questions, and to process and […]

If I File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Colorado, Do I Need to Go to Court?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing in Colorado – Do you need to go to court? In general, the answer is NO. Only in a contested or problematic bankruptcy do people have to go to court and see a judge. This happens very rarely and usually in big, complicated cases, not in cases for regular folks. What […]

Out of Control Spending – The American Way?

Out of Control Spending–The American Way? After 9/11, the President encouraged Americans to keep the economy strong by going shopping at the mall or buying a new car. The car industry cooperated by offering 0% or low percentage loans. In addition, people were encouraged to stop renting and buy a home to help build a […]

What Can Creditors Do to Me if I Don’t File Bankruptcy? (5)

In short, if you are unable to pay your debts, creditors can MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE! The first thing that happens when you miss payments is that you are barraged with demand letters, and then, worse, never-ending phone calls. As the collection process escalates, the calls increase, and finally the account is turned over to […]

Why Do People File Bankruptcy? The Real Truth vs. The Guilty Myth.

I have never in twenty five years had a client who WANTED to file bankruptcy. People are scared, angry, frustrated and frozen with guilt. The truth of the matter is that we live in a debt oriented society (just look at the Federal government) with flat wage gains and increased expenses all across the board. […]

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