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If I File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Colorado, Do I Need to Go to Court?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing in Colorado – Do you need to go to court? In general, the answer is NO. Only in a contested or problematic bankruptcy do people have to go to court and see a judge. This happens very rarely and usually in big, complicated cases, not in cases for regular folks. What […]

Out of Control Spending – The American Way?

Out of Control Spending–The American Way? After 9/11, the President encouraged Americans to keep the economy strong by going shopping at the mall or buying a new car. The car industry cooperated by offering 0% or low percentage loans. In addition, people were encouraged to stop renting and buy a home to help build a […]

What Can Creditors Do to Me if I Don’t File Bankruptcy? (5)

In short, if you are unable to pay your debts, creditors can MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE! The first thing that happens when you miss payments is that you are barraged with demand letters, and then, worse, never-ending phone calls. As the collection process escalates, the calls increase, and finally the account is turned over to […]

Why Do People File Bankruptcy? The Real Truth vs. The Guilty Myth.

I have never in twenty five years had a client who WANTED to file bankruptcy. People are scared, angry, frustrated and frozen with guilt. The truth of the matter is that we live in a debt oriented society (just look at the Federal government) with flat wage gains and increased expenses all across the board. […]

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