Denver Bankruptcy Client Review 1

 I am delighted to refer Peter Milwid and his team at Mile High Bankruptcy to all of my family, friends and acquaintances.  In a year of extreme personal financial turmoil, with a recent divorce, the downturn in the construction industry, the declining economy, medical bills and other unexpected costs, I found myself in dire straits financially.  I first heard of Peter Milwid through an attorney friend of mine I have known for 35 years who referred Peter Milwid as ‘the expert’ on Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  I immediately set up an appointment for a free consultation where Peter explained the legalities, what to expect and how he could help me through the entire process.  He and his team walked with me through from filing to final hearing, represented my case in a very professional manner and they have maintained a relationship with me after the case was settled to make sure I had no further questions or needs.  I cannot say enough about their professionalism, knowledge and gentle spirit while working with me to get this issue resolved.  My many thanks go out to (the firm) for all of their help; and, I trust you will also feel the same gratitude once you have worked with them. – Truly Grateful

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