Denver Bankruptcy Client Review 2

 My wife and I were really struggling financially due to the economy and had discussed the option of filing bankruptcy, but just the idea of doing it was so humiliating that we just continued to struggle for months.  I was not even sure if we would qualify, and really did not have any idea what the process was like. I just knew that I did not want to be one of them.

When we finally decided to inquire about our options, we went to a consultation with a local attorney.  We left there more confused than when we went in, and really lost hope.  So we struggled some more.  Then I came across the website for (the firm) and convinced my wife to give it one more try and speak with them.   When we left their office, both of us had a huge weight lifted off our chest, our relationship and our future.  We realized then that we should have spoken with them years ago, we could have bypassed so much stress.

All of our options were presented to us.  The entire process was explained in a way that we understood and felt very comfortable, and the pre-planning was excellent.  They were by our side during the entire process, and since they have so much experience, it went as smoother than we could have imagined.

Our biggest regret was waiting as long as we did, our second one was not going to their Firm first.  We realized that we did not have to feel ashamed, and now we really do have a fresh start.

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