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New to Denver? Bankruptcy Issues when you Move to Colorado

As we all know, Denver’s population has exploded in recent years. Many people arrive here seeking a better life, but often have debts from the past that they do not want to follow them to their new home. Bankruptcy law is a Federal law meaning it is available in any state. A few rules do […]

End of Year Bankruptcy and Tax Refunds

Towards the end of the year we have observed that collection action increases as collection agencies and banks work to meet year-end collection quotas. This is especially hard on folks with families who are trying to get by and enjoy the holidays but who are getting increased calls and pressure from creditors. Hiring a Denver […]

Now that the school year is in full swing, thoughts of the fall and winter and the parade of holidays coming up are on many people’s minds. But this is often the most stressful time of the year, and debt problems can turn what should be something to look forward to into a nightmare. Phone […]

Back to School Bankruptcy

For many families, this is the most hectic AND EXPENSIVE time of the year—back to school. Changing schedules, books, supplies and clothes, all produce both excitement AND incredible STRESS! The money part of this stress is HUGE. When people are struggling to make ends meet, the extra expenses associated with the start of school can […]

If you own your vehicle’s free and clear, you can protect and keep up to two vehicles with a total value of $7500, or $12,500 if you are over 60 or older or disabled. The Colorado exemption laws protect these valuable assets to allow you a fresh start with reasonable transportation. These numbers would be […]

Independence Day and Bankruptcy

I am writing this on the Fourth of July, a great holiday celebrating our country’s independence, and see the language of independence and freedom as words we use every day in our law practice—bankruptcy results in freedom from debt and a new life of independence from the pain and burden of financial troubles. So, just […]

Why is Summer a Good Time to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Denver Colorado

The busiest season for filing bankruptcy is spring and fall. Tax season and bankruptcy go hand-in-hand because many people use tax refunds to pay their attorney fees. Fall is busy because people want to take care of things before the holidays. But summer is actually an excellent time to file chapter 7 bankruptcy and get […]

How do I Find a Lawyer to Help Me File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Denver?

Most people these days go looking for a denver bankruptcy lawyer on the internet, or get a referral from a friend. At Mile High Bankruptcy we estimate that well over half our clients come from referrals from people we have helped in the past. But a lot of folks don’t have someone to ask so […]

It is no surprise how our state and city have grown incredibly in the past few years. Colorado’s population has grown by 101,000 people in the last year and Denver’s growth has been 18,582, and there is no end in sight. This has driven prices up for just about everything, especially rents and housing costs. […]

Mile High Bankruptcy Congratulates Retired Judge Sidney Brooks

Judge Sidney Brooks retired this year after 28 years of distinguished service as Judge and Chief Judge of the United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Colorado. In addition to being a fine judge, Judge Brooks is also a scholar on international law and has travelled throughout the world, especially to Russia and China, to help […]

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