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Mile High Bankruptcy Congratulates New Bankruptcy Judges

Mile High Bankruptcy, Denver, Colorado congratulates new bankruptcy judge, Joseph G. Rosania, who was recently appointed by the Tenth Circuit to replace retiring Judge Sidney Brooks. The firm also congratulates recent appointees, Judges Thomas. B. McNamara and Cathleen D. Parker. I have not met Judges McNamara and Parker yet, but am sure they are fine […]

All New Bankruptcy Forms and Software Complete at Mile High Bankruptcy

In the last quarter of 2015, the Federal Bankruptcy forms underwent a dramatic revision—changing the way bankruptcy information was reported for the first time in a quarter century. In addition, the software company who had serviced processing of cases merged with another conglomerate, eliminating the way cases have been created since the early 1990s. For […]

Tax Season and Bankruptcy

Tax season is a busy one at Mile High Bankruptcy. Many folks use their tax refunds to pay for their bankruptcies and start the New Year with a fresh start. There is a very positive attitude in the office this time of year as the bustle of getting your taxes done AND getting rid of […]

I have noticed over the years that one of the greatest benefits of chapter 7 bankruptcy for those whose income is based on commission sales, or who are self employed, is the release of the tension involved with crushing debt, and the corresponding freedom people feel to go out and make more money. This is […]

On July 1, 2015, the Colorado Exemption laws were changed to increase the dollar amount of much of the property a person can protect when filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. This is very good news as these amounts have not been increased in many years, despite inflation and the rising value of real estate. Perhaps […]

Last month, Mile High Bankruptcy in Denver, Colorado, together with the brilliant team at Legal Web Design, completely revamped and relaunched our website to make it a content and information based site to help people with bankruptcy questions find easy answers on the web. Most lawyer websites provide some limited information about chapter 7 bankruptcy, […]

One of the most important exemptions in bankruptcy (property you can protect and keep) is the homestead exemption which protects $60,000 of equity in your home, or $90,000 if you are over 60 years old or disabled. This means that if you file chapter 7 bankruptcy in Denver and are current with your mortgages you […]

Booming Economy Puts the Squeeze on the Middle Class

CHAPTER 7 CAN PROVIDE RELIEF. I wrote a few weeks ago about rising rents and costs in the supposedly improving economy. Yes, certain indicators show things are improving, but PRICES are not keeping up with costs, and increased debt loads for working families are squeezing people harder than ever before. Yesterday, the stock market hit […]

Bankruptcy Can Help with Rising Rents in Denver

Lately, we at Mile High Bankruptcy have noticed our clients are having trouble getting a place to live because of rising rents. Rents in the Denver metro area have risen 13.1% in the last year, and in some neighborhoods even more. One client told me that three bedroom houses that used to rent in his […]

Many divorces are partially caused by money problems. We at Mile High Bankruptcy believe that it is often best to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy together before the divorce to remove the arguments over who pays which debts from the divorce, so the parties can concentrate on important issues such as property settlements and issues related […]

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